Commercial Residential Contracts

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At Burke Blue, our real estate contract attorneys understand complex real estate transactions and draft real estate contracts that promote successful transactions. A contract is the blueprint for a real estate transaction. Buyers need to be confident they are getting the property they bargained for, while sellers need to ensure payment and protect themselves from future liability.


A well-drafted real estate contract should contain provisions that, among other things, require the seller or buyer to procure title insurance or conduct a title search, allow the buyer to inspect the premises, or require the buyer to secure third-party financing. Additionally, Florida and federal law may require sellers to make a number of disclosures regarding the condition of the property in both commercial and residential transactions. Our real estate contract lawyers can help ensure your contract is thorough and clear.


If you happen to find yourself in a commercial or residential contract dispute, the litigation attorneys at Burke Blue can provide the legal representation required for any type of real estate contract challenge including purchase agreements, leases, and more.


Florida sales contracts for real property

Whether buying, selling or leasing, transactions involving real property are complex. Each party involved has certain expectations, goals and concerns. That is why a standard real estate contract downloaded from an Internet site rarely addresses these issues and instead promotes a transaction where one or both parties may be disappointed. The assistance of an experienced Burke Blue real estate attorney can help protect you from potential problems not addressed in a generic contract that was not created specifically for your property.


When the contract does not address important issues or does not conform to legal requirements, the process slows down. Delays during a real estate transaction can quickly turn into increased fees, lost profits and inconvenience for both parties. Our lawyers strive to make these transactions as smooth as possible by drafting solid contracts and helping to guide buyers and sellers from contract negotiation to closing as painlessly as possible.


For most individuals and many businesses, real estate transactions are the largest investments they ever make. That is why it is difficult to put a value on the peace of mind that comes with having counsel from experienced attorneys during a real estate transaction. The real estate attorneys of Burke Blue have been facilitating real estate transactions in Northwest Florida for 45 years.


45 years of providing comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses throughout Northwest Florida


The hiring of a real estate attorney is an important decision that should not be based solely on advertisements. Before you decide, ask us to send you free written information about our qualifications and experience or contact us online or by phone at 850-769-1414 for Panama City; 850-236-4444 for Panama City Beach.