Condominium & Homeowner Associations

Helping developers, associations and owners

Condominium and homeowner associations promote the mutual interests of the owners in a given complex or community by establishing rules that protect the value of each owner’s investment. For both associations and individual owners, the property attorneys of Burke Blue can provide informed legal services including counsel, representation and dispute resolution. We can also help developers in the formation of the owners association and the day-to-day operations during the initial startup period and during transfer of control.  We have extensive knowledge in establishing solid bylaws, enforcement and interpretation of covenants and restrictions, drafting and negotiating contracts, and collection issues. Our attorneys act proactively to avoid the likelihood of conflict, but we are ready to litigate if absolutely necessary.


Providing developers legal counsel for the formation of a property owners association

The nature of property and tourism in Florida makes these types of arrangements quite common. But a property owners association cannot be effective if it lacks the legal authority to enforce its rules. Because of the broad rights that property owners generally have over their property under the common law, developers wishing to form these types of communities must follow a number of strict legal guidelines. The real estate lawyers of Burke Blue provide comprehensive legal services to developers by helping them comply with formation requirements. At the same time, our lawyers can draft formation documents and bylaws that comply with Florida state law while still creating an effective owners association.


Legal counsel for owners associations or members

Florida statutes place strict formality requirements upon property owners associations. These statutes also define the rights and duties of both associations and members and provide a legal cause of action for violations of the governing documents and rules of a community or association. At Burke Blue, our experienced lawyers understand the special laws governing condominium and homeowners associations and their members and how these laws frequently change.


The goal is to maintain harmony throughout the community and act neighborly, but sometimes property owners may resent the limitations on their use of their property or associations may become overbearing in their exercise of authority.  If tensions arise between associations and owners, the real estate attorneys of Burke Blue can help resolve disputes. Our attorneys are critical thinkers with creative solutions and can assist owner associations or their members.  We also offer alternative dispute resolution, including mediation and arbitration. These procedures can substantially decrease expenses for both parties and provide a swifter resolution that helps prevent future disputes.


If ultimately necessary, Burke Blue’s attorneys can litigate to protect your rights. We can provide effective representation to either party in condominium or homeowner association disputes.  Whether the issue is a covenant or regulation dispute or an assessment dispute or enforcement, Burke Blue’s litigation attorneys have the knowledge and experience to handle your case effectively.


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