Property Foreclosure in Florida

Options for those facing foreclosure

For individuals, families and businesses, foreclosure can be disruptive and damaging.  But what many people facing foreclosure do not realize is that they have options.  Banks and other lenders generally do not benefit from foreclosure as they lose a significant percentage of their investment in the process.  An informed borrower can negotiate with a lender to restructure their payment schedule or set up a short sale.


If the lender is unwilling to negotiate, a borrower can stay foreclosure through bankruptcy or fight foreclosure proceedings in court.  The foreclosure lawyers of Burke Blue understand the options available and help clients facing foreclosure pursue the best strategy based on their financial situation and goals.


Issues for lenders considering foreclosure

Lenders in Florida need lawyers who understand the complicated judicial foreclosure process. Additionally, recent by federal and state authorities made the foreclosure process even more complicated for lenders to navigate.  As such, lenders may need to evaluate foreclosure, but should explore other available options as well.


The foreclosure lawyers of Burke Blue can help lenders operating in Florida determine if foreclosure is indeed the best route.  A knowledgeable foreclosure attorney can help lenders evaluate their situation and pursue non-foreclosure options, such as renegotiation or short sale, if beneficial to do so.  If not, an experienced attorney from Burke Blue can help lenders in Florida navigate foreclosure and avoid the many mistakes and legal pitfalls that can severely prolong the process.


Helping owners and creditors understand their rights

Few states encountered the effects of the property boom as much as Florida.  Consequently, few states felt the impact as much as Florida when the market declined.  Foreclosure rates in Florida were among the highest in the nation.  But in many cases, both lenders and borrowers have other options. An foreclosure attorney can help the parties understand and explore these options and reach the most beneficial result.  Our foreclosure attorneys understand the process and the options available to both parties.  We provide legal counsel and services to both lenders and borrowers facing foreclosure.


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